• LATEST TECHNOLOGY - 8th generation of air purifier ionizers industry with a leading patented unique process which utilizes the latest anion technology to achieve THE BEST air purification result out there.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - Just plug this small car air ionizer in your 12v car socket or in to the included 12v electricity home adapter if you want to use it indoors. The ionizer can be left in the car without draining the battery, so you can leave it in all the time!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - unlike other companies, WE STAND BEHIND OUR BRAND EXTRA-O(TM) and provide 100% full money back guarantee, If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love your EXTRA-O(TM) Ionizer, Just return it, and we'll refund every penny (or replace it according to what you'll choose).
  • FEATURES - Our EXTRA-O(TM) IONIZER AIR PURIFIER has been proven to kill harmful viruses and bacteria, smoke odor eliminator, eliminate bad odor smells (dog's smell, pet's smell, cat's smells, cigarette's smell unbearable odor, and dissolve cigarette smoke, dust and even PM2.5 air pollutants. It can also dispel gas, prevent from catching a disease or a virus being spread through the air. and besides being a smoke odor remover and all the features mentioned above, it has even been proven to be highly efficient in relieving car sickness, nausea and sleepiness. Moreover, it also HIGHLY minimize the risk of Bird Flu/ Avian Influenza ( i.e. H5N1, H7N9. ). Can be used as an air ionizer for home, or for a car.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK - Our EXTRA-O(TM) Car Ionizer uses an electrical charge to release tremendous amount of 38000000 anions (3.8M negative ions per cm3 / ozone 3Mg/H) which will remove microscopic the bad particles from the air, In other words, The ionizer creates negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, mold, smoke, chemical vapors, and other allergens and then, once the positive and negative ions are bonded together, they become too heavy to float, and no longer affect the air quality of the surroundings, and this way it will eliminate almost every poisonous factor or any kind of pollution in the air of your car or your home. Highly effective in areas or a room up to 12sq ft.

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EXTRA-O Car Air Purifier Ionizer with Home 12V Adapter - Removes Cigarette Smoke, Bacteria, Odor Smell - Helps With Allergies - Mini Air Cleaner Gadget Smoke Eater Eliminator Remover - Silver

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